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Kennel House Of Jacks is a small kennel with focus upon the Jack Russell Terriers versatility when it comes to quality and mental health as well as its abilities as a working dog. Our purpose is to breed dogs within the FCI standards.

Our dogs are a part of our family and we haven´t got af kennelbuilding. Our dogs live with us. We live in Skive where we also both work as teachers. All of our spare time is spend on our passion, our dogs. In 2010 we had our son Sebastian. He and the dogs love eachother.




Mikkel also worked as a dogcoach, and is trained to coach general obedience and Rally-O. 

When Sigurd was nearly 1 year old, we went to our first dogshow. He became BOB and we knew this was just the beginning. Since then we have been to quite a few dogshows. Up until now only in Denmark. The many positive experiences at shows and the friendships that has come along, convinced us to buy a bitch that could be a part of our future breeding programme. This is where Idunn comes in to the picture. In the meantime there has come yet another couple of dogs to our family. We are both very excited about the future and what it may bring.




Carina has in March 2010, finished the Danish Kennel Clubs Breeding Programme.



Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Russell Terrier
Dog Training

Rally-O and Agility

Jack Russell Terrier
March 2007
To travel with your JRT

A Jack Russell Terrier is a big dog in a small dogs body. This makes it very suitable for travel. It is easy to bring with you.


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